Silcotech® enjoys a global leadership position as a provider of superior liquid silicone injection molding solutions for the medical/healthcare, automotive, packaging, consumer and consumer electronics markets for one reason:

We think and act like a PARTNER - not like a supplier.

Although our core competence is providing single-source, silicone injection molding solutions to meet the mass production needs of our customers, an equally important objective is to look for additonal ways to add value for our customers. That often includes introducing them to innovative design and engineering strategies.

We specialize in:

MASS PRODUCTION: Our extensive knowledge of a wide range of manufacturing processes and in-house customized tooling design allows us to create innovative, liquid injection molding solutions that keep your costs in line and eliminate waste which means you get maximum value.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Creating new products can be an expensive and frustrating experience - especially if you aren't working with professionals. Silcotech® can draw on experience and resources that will ensure your liquid injection molding project is successful and tailored to your budget requirements.

PROTOTYPING: Creating prototypes in a timely manner is a Silcotech® speciality. We can often deliver your prototype in a one – six week window making sure we do all we can to protect you against unnecessary costs and risks.

Our standard liquid injection molding service includes:

  • Product design and development assistance*
  • Fast and economical prototyping
  • Extensive LIM mold-making expertise and full in-house production capability
  • Two-shot molding for optimum product functionality, lower cost, and improved quality
  • Precision micro molding where required for small parts with exceptional shot-to-shot repeatability
  • A wide range of related operational and manufacturing services for single-source production and project coordination

*If you have specialized design and development needs, Silcotech® can provide additional design services on a paid basis.   

Regardless of your need, you can rely on our experienced team of engineers, technical staff and toolmakers to deliver your project on time and on budget.

With our full-capability, in-house resources, your project starts and finishes with us. The inevitable delays that creep into almost every project are kept to a minimum because we have full control.

At the outset of every project, extra time is spent on finding ways to minimize risk so your expectations are either met or exceeded.

As a first step, if you haven't done so already, please download our free report, "Why Many Companies Overspend On Silicone Injection Molding Projects - and How You Can Avoid It" where you will learn more about how to ensure your next liquid silicone molding project is a success.

Or, call us at 905-857-9998 so we can learn more about your needs immediately and show you how we can add value to your project. 

For companies looking to stay competitive in today's global marketplace, it's critical to be constantly on the lookout for ways to improve products and processes.

Especially when it comes to MASS PRODUCTION injection molding projects. 

Every new day represents an opportunity to gain ground or fall behind. 

Emerging technology and automation have resulted in cost-efficiencies that aren't widely used in the industry. 

At Silcotech®, we never lose site of the fact that our job is to help you run at maximum efficiency and take advantage of the latest technological advances.

Often, those technology and automation innovations come about because of the high priority we place on developing technology in house.  

This allows you to leverage the benefits that come with using the latest liquid silicone injection molding technology - and, why our engineers and highly specialized technicians - along with the professional team that oversees our overall operation - devote a significant amount of time staying current on emerging manufacturing processes and equipment.

That way, we stay informed - and you stay out in front.

Working with a PARTNER instead of a supplier gives you with an important competitive advantage.

The consistent high rating we earn from our customer scorecards, coupled with the fact that many of our customers are long-term repeat customers assures us we are continuing to add value when it comes to quality, performance and service.   

Using innovation and automation, we can bring maximum efficiencies to your mass production manufacturing projects.

To learn more about why Silcotech® is best-positioned to help you with your mass production liquid silicone molding requirements, download our free report, "Why Many Companies Overspend On Silicone Injection Molding Projects - and How You Can Avoid It" or call us today at 905-857-9998.


The measure of a company that consistently delivers exceptional value is its ability to develop repeat customers.

That's where an efficient NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT process plays a key role. 

After all, a repeat customer means met or exceeded expectations. And that's not always easy to do when you're creating new products and identifying efficient ways to achieve a customer's new product objectives. One wrong turn can cost plenty in lost time and investment.

At Silcotech®, almost 80% of our customers are long-term relationships that we've worked hard to earn. They know they can rely on us to have their best interests top of mind every step of the way.

Many of these relationships began with a requirement for a new tool or part or when we were brought in to resolve a problem the customer couldn't find a solution for elsewhere.

Over the past quarter of a century, Silcotech® has developed a leadership position in the industry when it comes to "finding a way." 

At the hub of all of our product development success is our unique 7-Step Product Creation Process™.   .

Our 7-Step Product Creation Process™ includes:

This stage is where we gain a thorough understanding of your requirement. We evaluate how our in-house technology and automation resources can best allow us to produce an optimum solution for you.  

Once we understand your needs, our Professional Team works together to create a proposal that provides you with a blueprint for a solution that helps you achieve your objectives efficiently and effectively.

Upon acceptance of the proposal, our Engineering and Design Team then evaluates any feedback from the Solution Proposal stage so they can make any pre-production changes that might have been identified. Decisions at this stage ensure your project is positioned for success. 

Depending on your project - System, Mold Build or Prototype - it's during this stage we look to see if any type of engineering redesign could be beneficial. That way, we can make sure you receive maximum value for your investment.  

Silcotech® validates every process, every tool and every fixture to ensure it will yield the desired results when it is introduced into full production. Our process is designed around the creation of your unique part which allows us to run samples for inspection and statistical analysis — making improvements as needed to achieve quality and consistency.

Once you approve your product design, tooling and process, our Project Management Team oversees a smooth transition to the mass production manufacturing process where fully-automated processes and advanced injection molding techniques ensure precision.

The quality control system we have in effect throughout the entire production of your product ensures your part is produced in an accurate and timely manner.  We continually monitor and verify the quality of our work throughout the production process and complete thorough inspections of finished product. Silcotech® provides packaging that reflects the quality of your brand and the quality control measures we put in place ensure a superior result. With extensive knowledge of local, national and global shipping standards, Silcotech® is able to ensure prompt, accurate distribution to any location you designate.

Silcotech® is equipped to meet all your product development needs.

To learn more about how we can help you with your next custom product development, please call us today at 905-857-9998. 

There are several benefits to producing a PROTOTYPE of your product before going on to the production stage.

The most obvious is that having prototype allows you to see what the actual product looks like.

You can check design, touch it and generally, see how the product fits into your plan. If there are any problems or design flaws, they can be addressed before you move on.

But the biggest advantage of having a prototype is that it helps you mitigate risk.

Imagine spending all kinds of money to produce a product only to discover once production begins that there is some fatal flaw that could compromise your project.

The process of creating and evaluating a prototype can prevent that from happening.

A prototype is also an invaluable tool for generating interest and investment in your idea.

At Silcotech®, we use prototyping as a way to equip our customers with a competitive advantage.

In many cases, we can design, manufacture tooling and make prototype samples in one to six weeks.

To learn more about how we can help you create a prototype that helps you achieve your objectives, please call us today at 905-857-9998.

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